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Using HealthRays technology, physicians in urban medical centers are able to access digital X-ray images from small, regional clinics serving needy populations in Guatemala, providing diagnosis and treatment options.
Courtesy of Rotary International

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Healthrays at the 2017 Rotary International Conference

During a speech at the 2017 Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, RI President John Germ Discusses Healthrays Project.

Healthrays: “Service With an Impact”

Jorge Aufranc, a member of Rotary International’s Board of Directors, highlighted the success of our project in a presentation to Rotary leaders from all over the world in January 2017



The World Health Organization has reported that 60% of all diagnostic procedures require x-ray technology – but this critical health tool is lacking for huge portions of the global population.Underserved populations all over the world fall prey every year to diseases, injuries and other maladies that could be easily cured – or at least properly diagnosed – with x-ray technology.

That’s why HealthRays was launched.

Our long-range goal is to improve access to diagnostic radiology services throughout the world – starting with a model project in Guatemala that provides World Health Imaging System for Radiology (WHIS-RAD) X-ray units for needy populations.

Images from these systems can be transmitted and accessed remotely via computer by radiologists in Guatemalan medical centers who can read them on the Internet and assist with a diagnosis. The focus of this model project is the eventual provision of 29 digital-imaging units in Guatemala that are sustainable in the long-term. The project calls for the purchase, shipping, and installation of these units, one at a time, in regions of need throughout Guatemala. The equipment will be used by locally trained radiology operators, who will take the required images according to the manual protocols, and provide images to physicians at the clinic and radiologists at medical centers for diagnosis and referral for treatment. The images will be electronically archived, managed and available via teleradiology.

HealthRays also aims to demonstrate the value of non-governmental (NGO) and government partnerships to provide health care services to an economically marginalized population in a developing country – paving the way for expansion of this model to underserved populations around the world.