About Our Project

This website provides information about a unique project by members of Rotary clubs in Illinois that aims to bring X-ray technology to the world’s rural poor.

As many as four billion people around the globe – basically two thirds of the entire population — have little or no access to simple x-ray technology, which is taken for granted as a basic health tool in most industrialized nations. Many of them have no idea it even exists.

As a result, their life spans and productivity are dramatically impacted. Poor, rural people all over the world fall prey every year to diseases, injuries and other maladies that could be easily cured – or at least properly diagnosed – with x-ray technology.

Members of Rotary clubs in U.S. Rotary District 6440, which is located just north of Chicago, Illinois, have launched a project that hopes to address this global need. Rotarians are raising funds and working with partner organizations to purchase and install digital X-ray machines around the world.

The first phase of this ambitious project is being launched in Guatemala, where U.S. Rotary District 6440 has entered into a unique memorandum of understanding (MOU) that formalizes a partnership between District 6440, Guatemalan Rotary clubs in Central American Rotary District 4250, Guatemala’s Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Also assisting in the effort are many individual Rotary clubs and Rotary districts.

Together, these partners will buy and install 29 digital x-ray units to serve the rural poor in Guatemala. The units will connect remote clinics to regional hospitals via the Internet. The project is anticipated to cost $2.5 million to complete. Eventually, project organizers hope to expand their efforts to other nations around the world.

To learn more, watch our informational video.