Guatemalan Coast Guard Assists with Delivery of Latest HealthRays Technology

The HealthRays initiative announced on August 15 that digital x-ray equipment for installation at the Livingston clinic (the fourth HealthRays clinic to become operational) has arrived and is being installed.

This is an excellent example of the kind of partnership that characterizes HealthRays. Local Rotarians worked with the Guatemalan Coast Guard to deliver the digital x-ray equipment this month. HealthRays has worked closely with the Guatemalan government since the inception of the project.

The Livingston installation is the first of three new installations currently moving forward – the other two are in Villa Canales and Palencia.

HealthRays is also making progress on installation of a seventh unit, scheduled for Fraijanes, and in development is an eighth unit, to be located in Gualan, and ninth and tenth units for other locations in Guatemala still to be announced.

When the next three clinics are operational, the total estimated population that will have access to digital x-ray technology will be 300,000 to 600,000 Guatemalans.

An installation ceremony, observing HealthRays’ progress to date, is being planned for the Palencia clinic in Guatemala on August 25, 2016.