Technical Information on Digital Imaging for Clinics and Small Hospitals


(August 13, 2013) U.S. Rotary District 6440 has posted two manuals with information to help those planning or involved in providing primary care diagnostic imaging to underserved communities.

Rotary District 6440 has installed digital x-ray systems as a part of its HealthRays project and has worked with other Rotary clubs and Districts to help them do the same.

The purpose of these links is to provide information that can help assure successful, sustainable installations delivered in a cost effective manner.

“Diagnostic Imaging in the Community, A Manual for Clinics and Small Hospitals” provides detailed information on establishing a system. It is authored by Dr. Philip E. S. Palmer and Dr. Gerry Hanson internationally recognized experts on establishing X-ray and Ultrasound services in developing countries.

The World Health Organization’s “Manual of Diagnostic Imaging: Radiographic Technique and Projections” is also provided.

To access Palmer and Hanson, click here Digital Imaging Manual

To view the WHO Manual, click here WHO Manual