The latest in HealthRays news for you | July 2019 Update


Dear Friends,

This newsletter has been designed to provide you with some exciting updates and good news about how the HealthRays® project continues to progress and help those in need have access to x-ray diagnosis in rural areas of Guatemala.

What makes the District 6440 HealthRays project a model global grant in the Rotary world? It is unique in its development and emphasis on partnerships outside of Rotary, including the Guatemalan government and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). In fact, we have been informed that PAHO is currently completing a research document on their involvement with HealthRays in Guatemala. What an outstanding acknowledgement of HealthRays.

As always, we want to thank all of our supporters and donors for helping us complete the project goal of 29 units!

Carlos and Pam

Rotary International President Maloney in Guatemala for HealthRays September 3, 2019 Celebration

Exciting news for HealthRays, District 6440 project – Rotary International President (RIP) Mark Maloney will be a special guest at the upcoming September 3rd inauguration celebration in Guatemala! The 10th digital x-ray technology unit will be installed at the Dispensario Antituberculoso Central (DAC) clinic and will provide access to x-ray diagnosis for over 100,000 Guatemalans in the area. The DAC clinic is the central anti- tuberculosis clinic of Guatemala City.

HealthRays Trivia – This is the 3rd Rotary International President to attend a HealthRays installation celebration? Can you name the other two?

Good News Continues for HealthRays

After working with D6440 local representatives in the U. S. Congress, interest has been advanced to meet again with USAID in Guatemala. A meeting is scheduled in Guatemala City on September 3rd during the celebration for the DAC clinic installation.

Fund commitments for future installations continue to be secured from a variety of generous supporters, including individuals, international partners (most recently Taiwan and Spain) and local clubs and districts.

The Guatemalan Rotary members have been advancing the “protection” of HealthRays clinics to assure adequate medicine, physician support and technical recordkeeping to be sure the x-ray system is used to its fullest potential. The MOH has taken the opportunity to publish articles celebrating the clinics that are being upgraded and pledging to the public that they will have this “protected” status.


The HealthRays Initiative Continued to Make Progress in Recent Months with Many Encouraging Developments

Leadership Meetings and Guatemala City Installation: Rotary members Jorge Aufranc, Franky Viau, and Jurg Egli, representing the HealthRays Initiative, met with Guatemala Vice Minister of Health Dr. Alvar Frank Pérez and doctors Silvia Palma de Ruiz and Mirna de Donis on June 19. Among the issues discussed were the X-ray system installation at DAC (a tuberculosis clinic) in Guatemala City and the inauguration for the installation on Sept. 3 with Rotary International President Mark Maloney appearing as the Guest of Honor.

Ixchiguan Location Moving Forward: The Rotary Club of Los Altos has presented its grant application to the Rotary Foundation for installation of a machine at Ixchiguan. HealthRays representatives are optimistic that the X-ray equipment could be installed by the end of this year, subject to the site being certified as ready for use.

Proposed Site in Villa Nueva: In the planning stages is a HealthRays site in Villa Nueva. The plans have been delivered to the municipal government there and local Rotarians would hope to make the grant request for the project soon.

Raising Visibility of the HealthRays Project: The HealthRays team took its initiative on the road to the Rotary Club of Escuintla during the first week in July, presenting to the club its accomplishments and further plans.